On display nationwide in galleries, offices, and homes, the artworks of Anne Mirch represent a diverse use of media and styles. She is equally renowned for her colorful abstract pieces and her charcoal drawings. Introduced into the body mix are digital medium creations and creative collage constructions. Much of her work, including her Ruby X series, is presented exclusively on this website and is available for affordable personal purchase. Los Angles law office art display

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Artist Anne Mirch is a native Nevadan. Apart from time spent in the film industry in Southern California, she has resided in northern Nevada and is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno. Anne has also attended the prestigious California Institute of the Arts. Her work has been the subject of numerous gallery showings and is on display in many public and private settings. In 2013 she launched this website to showcase and make available much of her vast body of work. gallery art display