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  3  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Abigail  \Ab"i*gail\,  n.  [The  proper  name  used  as  an 
  A  lady's  waiting-maid.  --Pepys. 
  Her  abigail  reported  that  Mrs.  Gutheridge  had  a  set  of 
  night  curls  for  sleeping  in  --Leslie. 
  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  father  (i.e.,  "leader")  of  the  dance,  or  "of  joy."  (1.)  The 
  sister  of  David,  and  wife  of  Jether  an  Ishmaelite  (1  Chr. 
  2:16,17).  She  was  the  mother  of  Amasa  (2  Sam.  17:25). 
  (2.)  The  wife  of  the  churlish  Nabal,  who  dwelt  in  the  district 
  of  Carmel  (1  Sam.  25:3).  She  showed  great  prudence  and  delicate 
  management  at  a  critical  period  of  her  husband's  life.  She  was 
  "a  woman  of  good  understanding,  and  of  a  beautiful  countenance." 
  After  Nabal's  death  she  became  the  wife  of  David  (1  Sam. 
  25:14-42),  and  was  his  companion  in  all  his  future  fortunes  (1 
  Sam.  27:3;  30:5;  2  Sam.  2:2).  By  her  David  had  a  son  called 
  Chileab  (2  Sam.  3:3),  elsewhere  called  Daniel  (1  Chr.  3:1). 
  From  Hitchcock's  Bible  Names  Dictionary  (late  1800's)  [hitchcock]: 
  Abigail,  the  father's  joy