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  From  Jargon  File  (4.2.3,  23  NOV  2000)  [jargon]: 
  AFJ  //  n.  Written-only  abbreviation  for  "April  Fool's  Joke". 
  Elaborate  April  Fool's  hoaxes  are  a  long-established  tradition  on  Usenet 
  and  Internet;  see  {kremvax}  for  an  example.  In  fact  April  Fool's  Day  is 
  the  _only_  seasonal  holiday  consistently  marked  by  customary  observances 
  on  Internet  and  other  hacker  networks. 
  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
  {April  Fool's  Joke}