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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  the  name  of  one  of  the  cities  of  refuge,  in  the  tribe  of 
  Benjamin  (Josh.  21:18).  The  Jews,  as  a  rule  did  not  change  the 
  names  of  the  towns  they  found  in  Palestine;  hence  this  town  may 
  be  regarded  as  deriving  its  name  from  the  goddess  Anat.  It  was 
  the  native  place  of  Abiezer,  one  of  David's  thirty"  (2  Sam. 
  23:27),  and  of  Jehu,  another  of  his  mighty  men  (1  Chr.  12:3).  It 
  is  chiefly  notable,  however,  as  the  birth-place  and  usual 
  residence  of  Jeremiah  (Jer.  1:1;  11:21-23;  29:27;  32:7-9).  It 
  suffered  greatly  from  the  army  of  Sennacherib,  and  only  128  men 
  returned  to  it  from  the  Exile  (Neh.  7:27;  Ezra  2:23).  It  lay 
  about  3  miles  north  of  Jerusalem.  It  has  been  identified  with 
  the  small  and  poor  village  of  'Anata,  containing  about  100 
  From  Hitchcock's  Bible  Names  Dictionary  (late  1800's)  [hitchcock]: 
  Anathoth,  or  Anath,  answer;  song;  poverty