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  From  Jargon  File  (4.2.3,  23  NOV  2000)  [jargon]: 
  Angband  n.  /ang'band/  Like  {nethack},  {moria},  and  {rogue}, 
  one  of  the  large  freely  distributed  Dungeons-and-Dragons-like  simulation 
  games,  available  for  a  wide  range  of  machines  and  operating  systems.  The 
  name  is  from  Tolkien's  Pits  of  Angband  (compare  {elder  days},  {elvish}). 
  Has  been  described  as  "Moria  on  steroids";  but  unlike  Moria,  many 
  aspects  of  the  game  are  customizable  This  leads  many  hackers  and 
  would-be  hackers  into  fooling  with  these  instead  of  doing  productive  work 
  There  are  many  Angband  variants,  of  which  the  most  notorious  is  probably 
  the  rather  whimsical  Zangband.  In  this  game,  when  a  key  that  does 
  not  correspond  to  a  command  is  pressed,  the  game  will  display  "Type  ? 
  for  help"  50%  of  the  time.  The  other  50%  of  the  time,  random  error 
  messages  including  "An  error  has  occurred  because  an  error  of  type  42  has 
  occurred"  and  "Windows  95  uninstalled  successfully"  will  be  displayed. 
  Zangband  also  allows  the  player  to  kill  Santa  Claus  (who  has  some  really 
  good  stuff,  but  also  has  a  lot  of  friends),  "Bull  Gates",  and  Barney  the 
  Dinosaur  (but  be  watchful;  Barney  has  a  nasty  case  of  halitosis).  There 
  is  an  official  angband  home  page  at  `'  and 
  a  zangband  one  at  `'.  See  also  {Random 
  Number  God}.