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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  and  pl  Asherim  in  Revised  Version,  instead  of  grove"  and 
  groves"  of  the  Authorized  Version.  This  was  the  name  of  a 
  sensual  Canaanitish  goddess  Astarte,  the  feminine  of  the 
  Assyrian  Ishtar.  Its  symbol  was  the  stem  of  a  tree  deprived  of 
  its  boughs,  and  rudely  shaped  into  an  image,  and  planted  in  the 
  ground.  Such  religious  symbols  ("groves")  are  frequently  alluded 
  to  in  Scripture  (Ex.  34:13;  Judg.  6:25;  2  Kings  23:6;  1  Kings 
  16:33,  etc.).  These  images  were  also  sometimes  made  of  silver  or 
  of  carved  stone  (2  Kings  21:7;  "the  graven  image  of  Asherah," 
  R.V.).  (See  {GROVE}  [1].).