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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Baum'e  \Bau`m['e]"\,  a. 
  Designating  or  conforming  to  either  of  the  scales  used  by  the 
  French  chemist  Antoine  Baum['e]  in  the  graduation  of  his 
  hydrometers;  of  or  relating  to  Baum['e]'s  scales  or 
  hydrometers.  There  are  two  Baum['e]  hydrometers.  One  which 
  is  used  with  liquids  heavier  than  water,  sinks  to  0[deg]  in 
  pure  water,  and  to  15[deg]  in  a  15  per  cent  salt  solution; 
  the  other  for  liquids  lighter  than  water,  sinks  to  0[deg]  in 
  a  10  per  cent  salt  solution  and  to  10[deg]  in  pure  water.  In 
  both  cases  the  graduation,  based  on  the  distance  between 
  these  fundamental  points,  is  continued  along  the  stem  as  far 
  as  desired. 
  Note:  Since  all  the  degrees  on  a  Baum['e]  scale  are  thus 
  equal  in  length,  while  those  on  a  specific-gravity 
  scale  grow  smaller  as  the  density  increases,  there  is 
  no  simple  relation  between  degrees  B['e].  and  Sp  gr 
  However,  readings  on  Baum['e]s  scale  may  be 
  approximately  reduced  to  specific  gravities  by  the 
  following  formul[ae]  (x  in  each  case  being  the  reading 
  on  Baum['e]'s  scale)  : 
  a  for  liquids  heavier  than  water,  sp  gr  =  144  [div]  (144 
  -  x); 
  b  for  liquids  lighter  than  water,  sp  gr  =  144  [div]  (134 
  +  x).