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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Storm  \Storm\,  n. 
  {Anticyclonic  storm}  (Meteor.),  a  storm  characterized  by  a 
  central  area  of  high  atmospheric  pressure,  and  having  a 
  system  of  winds  blowing  spirally  outward  in  a  direction 
  contrary  to  that  cyclonic  storms.  It  is  attended  by  low 
  temperature,  dry  air,  infrequent  precipitation,  and  often 
  by  clear  sky.  Called  also  {high-area  storm}, 
  {anticyclone}.  When  attended  by  high  winds,  snow,  and 
  freezing  temperatures  such  storms  have  various  local 
  names  as  {blizzard},  {wet  norther},  {purga},  {buran}, 
  {Cyclonic  storm}.  (Meteor.)  A  cyclone,  or  low-area  storm.  See 
  {Cyclone},  above.  Stovain  \Sto"va*in\,  n.  Also  -ine  \-ine\ 
  .  [Stove  (a  translation  of  the  name  of  the  discoverer, 
  Fourneau  +  -in,  -ine.]  (Pharm.) 
  A  substance,  {C14H22O2NCl},  the  hydrochloride  of  an  amino 
  compound  containing  benzol,  used  in  solution  with 
  strychnine,  as  a  local  an[ae]sthetic,  esp.  by  injection  into 
  the  sheath  of  the  spinal  cord,  producing  an[ae]sthesia  below 
  the  point  of  introduction.