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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Cantalever  \Can"ta*lev`er\,  n.  [Cant  an  external  angle  +  lever  a 
  supporter  of  the  roof  timber  of  a  house.]  [Written  also 
  {cantaliver}  and  {cantilever}.] 
  1.  (Arch.)  A  bracket  to  support  a  balcony,  a  cornice,  or  the 
  2.  (Engin.)  A  projecting  beam,  truss,  or  bridge  unsupported 
  at  the  outer  end  one  which  overhangs. 
  {Cantalever  bridge},  a  bridge  in  which  the  principle  of  the 
  cantalever  is  applied.  It  is  usually  a  trussed  bridge, 
  composed  of  two  portions  reaching  out  from  opposite  banks, 
  and  supported  near  the  middle  of  their  own  length  on  piers 
  which  they  overhang,  thus  forming  cantalevers  which  meet 
  over  the  space  to  be  spanned  or  sustain  a  third  portion, 
  to  complete  the  connection.