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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  fortress  of  Chemosh,  a  city  on  the  west  bank  of  the  Euphrates 
  (Jer.  46:2;  2  Chr.  35:20),  not  as  was  once  supposed,  the 
  Circesium  at  the  confluence  of  the  Chebar  and  the  Euphrates,  but 
  a  city  considerably  higher  up  the  river,  and  commanding  the 
  ordinary  passage  of  the  Euphrates;  probably  identical  with 
  Hierapolis.  It  was  the  capital  of  the  kingdom  of  the  northern 
  Hittites.  The  Babylonian  army,  under  Nebuchadnezzar,  the  son  of 
  Nabopolassar  here  met  and  conquered  the  army  of  Pharaoh-necho, 
  king  of  Egypt  (B.C.  607).  It  is  mentioned  in  monuments  in  B.C. 
  1600  and  down  to  B.C.  717.