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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  North  \North\,  a. 
  Lying  toward  the  north;  situated  at  the  north,  or  in  a 
  northern  direction  from  the  point  of  observation  or 
  reckoning;  proceeding  toward  the  north,  or  coming  from  the 
  {North  following}.  See  {Following},  a.,  2. 
  {North  pole},  that  point  in  the  heavens,  or  on  the  earth, 
  ninety  degrees  from  the  equator  toward  the  north. 
  {North  preceding}.  See  {Following},  a.,  2. 
  {North  star},  the  star  toward  which  the  north  pole  of  the 
  earth  very  nearly  points,  and  which  accordingly  seems 
  fixed  and  immovable  in  the  sky.  The  star  [alpha]  (alpha) 
  of  the  Little  Bear,  is  our  present  north  star,  being 
  distant  from  the  pole  about  1[deg]  25',  and  from  year  to 
  year  approaching  slowly  nearer  to  it  It  is  called  also 
  {Cynosura},  {polestar},  and  by  astronomers,  {Polaris}.