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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Daffodil  \Daf"fo*dil\  (d[a^]f"f[-o]*d[i^]l),  n.  [OE.  affodylle 
  prop.,  the  asphodel,  fr  LL  affodillus  (cf.  D.  affodille  or 
  OF  asphodile  aphodille  F.  asphod[`e]le),  L.  asphodelus, 
  fr  Gr  'asfo`delos.  The  initial  d  in  English  is  not 
  satisfactorily  explained.  See  {Asphodel}.]  (Bot.) 
  a  A  plant  of  the  genus  {Asphodelus}. 
  b  A  plant  of  the  genus  {Narcissus}  ({N.  Pseudo-narcissus}). 
  It  has  a  bulbous  root  and  beautiful  flowers,  usually  of  a 
  yellow  hue.  Called  also  {daffodilly},  {daffadilly}, 
  {daffadowndilly},  {daffydowndilly},  etc 
  With  damask  roses  and  daffadillies  set  --Spenser. 
  Strow  me  the  ground  with  daffadowndillies  And 
  cowslips,  and  kingcups,  and  loved  lilies. 
  A  college  gown  That  clad  her  like  an  April 
  daffodilly.  --Tennyson 
  And  chance-sown  daffodil.  --Whittier.