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  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
    /deb'ee`n/,  *not*  /deeb'ee`n/  The 
  non-profit  volunteer  organisation  responsible  for  Debian 
  {GNU}/{Linux}  and  Debian  {GNU}/{Hurd}.  Debian's  {Linux} 
  distribution  is  dedicated  to  free  and  {open  source}  software; 
  the  main  goal  of  the  distribution  is  to  ensure  that  one  can 
  download  and  install  a  fully-functional  {operating  system} 
  that  is  completely  adherent  to  the  Debian  Free  Software 
  Guidelines  (DFSG). 
  Debian  was  begun  in  August  1993  by  Ian  Murdock,  and  was 
  sponsored  by  the  {Free  Software  Foundation}  from  November  1994 
  to  November  1995.  The  name  Debian  is  a  contraction  of  DEB(ra) 
  and  IAN  Murdock. 
  Debian's  packaging  system  (dpkg)  is  similar  to  other  popular 
  packaging  systems  like  {RPM}.  There  are  over  2200  packages  of 
  precompiled  software  available  in  the  main  free  section  of 
  the  Debian  2.1  distribution  alone  --  this  is  what  sets  Debian 
  apart  from  many  other  Linux  distributions.  The  high  quality 
  and  huge  number  of  official  packages  (most  Debian  systems' 
  /usr/local/  remains  empty  --  almost  everything  most  Linux 
  users  want  is  officially  packaged)  are  what  draw  many  people 
  to  use  Debian. 
  Another  unique  aspect  to  the  Debian  project  is  the  open 
  development;  pre-releases  are  made  available  from  Day  1  and  if 
  anyone  wishes  to  become  a  Debian  developer,  all  that  is  needed 
  is  proof  of  identification  and  a  signed  {PGP}  or  {GPG}  key. 
  There  are  over  400  Debian  developers  all  around  the  world  -- 
  many  developers  have  never  met  face-to-face,  and  most 
  development  talks  take  place  on  the  many  {mailing  lists}  and 
  the  {IRC}  network. 
  {Home  (}. 
  {Debian  Linux  archives  (}.