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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Ephod  \Eph"od\,  n.  [Heb.  ?????,  fr  '[=a]phad  to  put  on.]  (Jew. 
  A  part  of  the  sacerdotal  habit  among  Jews,  being  a  covering 
  for  the  back  and  breast,  held  together  on  the  shoulders  by 
  two  clasps  or  brooches  of  onyx  stones  set  in  gold,  and 
  fastened  by  a  girdle  of  the  same  stuff  as  the  ephod.  The 
  ephod  for  the  priests  was  of  plain  linen;  that  for  the  high 
  priest  was  richly  embroidered  in  colors.  The  breastplate  of 
  the  high  priest  was  worn  upon  the  ephod  in  front.  --Exodus 
  xxviii.  6-12. 
  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  something  girt,  a  sacred  vestment  worn  originally  by  the  high 
  priest  (Ex.  28:4),  afterwards  by  the  ordinary  priest  (1  Sam. 
  22:18),  and  characteristic  of  his  office  (1  Sam.  2:18,  28; 
  14:3).  It  was  worn  by  Samuel,  and  also  by  David  (2  Sam.  6:14). 
  It  was  made  of  fine  linen,  and  consisted  of  two  pieces,  which 
  hung  from  the  neck,  and  covered  both  the  back  and  front,  above 
  the  tunic  and  outer  garment  (Ex.  28:31).  That  of  the  high  priest 
  was  embroidered  with  divers  colours.  The  two  pieces  were  joined 
  together  over  the  shoulders  (hence  in  Latin  called 
  superhumerale)  by  clasps  or  buckles  of  gold  or  precious  stones, 
  and  fastened  round  the  waist  by  a  "curious  girdle  of  gold,  blue, 
  purple,  and  fine  twined  linen"  (28:6-12). 
  The  breastplate,  with  the  Urim  and  Thummim,  was  attached  to 
  the  ephod.