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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  (LXX.,  "Orech"),  length,  or  Moon-town,  one  of  the  cities  of 
  Nimrod's  kingdom  in  the  plain  of  Shinar  (Gen.  10:10);  the  Orchoe 
  of  the  Greeks  and  Romans.  It  was  probably  the  city  of  the 
  Archevites,  who  were  transplanted  to  Samaria  by  Asnapper  (Ezra 
  4:9).  It  lay  on  the  left  bank  of  the  Euphrates,  about  120  miles 
  south-east  of  Babylon,  and  is  now  represented  by  the  mounds  and 
  ruins  of  Warka.  It  appears  to  have  been  the  necropolis  of  the 
  Assyrian  kings,  as  the  whole  region  is  strewed  with  bricks  and 
  the  remains  of  coffins.  "Standing  on  the  summit  of  the  principal 
  edifice,  called  the  Buwarizza  a  tower  200  feet  square  in  the 
  centre  of  the  ruins,  the  beholder  is  struck  with  astonishment  at 
  the  enormous  accumulation  of  mounds  and  ancient  relics  at  his 
  feet.  An  irregular  circle,  nearly  6  miles  in  circumference,  is 
  defined  by  the  traces  of  an  earthen  rampart,  in  some  places  40 
  feet  high."