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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  the  capital  of  the  Roman  province  of  Peraea  It  stood  on  the 
  summit  of  a  mountain  about  6  miles  south-east  of  the  Sea  of 
  Galilee.  Mark  (5:1)  and  Luke  (8:26-39)  describe  the  miracle  of 
  the  healing  of  the  demoniac  (Matthew  [8:28-34]  says  two 
  demoniacs)  as  having  been  wrought  "in  the  country  of  the 
  Gadarenes,"  thus  describing  the  scene  generally.  The  miracle 
  could  not  have  been  wrought  at  Gadara  itself  for  between  the 
  lake  and  this  town  there  is  the  deep,  almost  impassable  ravine 
  of  the  Hieromax  (Jarmuk).  It  is  identified  with  the  modern 
  village  of  Um-Keis,  which  is  surrounded  by  very  extensive  ruins, 
  all  bearing  testimony  to  the  splendour  of  ancient  Gadara. 
  "The  most  interesting  remains  of  Gadara  are  its  tombs,  which 
  dot  the  cliffs  for  a  considerable  distance  round  the  city, 
  chiefly  on  the  north-east  declivity;  but  many  beautifully 
  sculptured  sarcophagi  are  scattered  over  the  surrounding 
  heights.  They  are  excavated  in  the  limestone  rock,  and  consist 
  of  chambers  of  various  dimensions,  some  more  than  20  feet 
  square,  with  recesses  in  the  sides  for  bodies...The  present 
  inhabitants  of  Um-Keis  are  all  troglodytes,  'dwelling  in  tombs,' 
  like  the  poor  maniacs  of  old  and  occasionally  they  are  almost 
  as  dangerous  to  unprotected  travellers."