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  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
  The  {GNU}  {C}  {compiler}  by  {Richard  Stallman}  et  al  A  very 
  high  quality,  very  portable  compiler  for  {C},  {C++}  and 
  {Objective  C}.  The  compiler  is  designed  to  support  multiple 
  {front-end}s  and  multiple  {back-end}s  by  translating  first 
  into  {Register  Transfer  Language}  and  from  there  into 
  {assembly  code}  for  the  target  architecture.  Front  ends  for 
  {Ada},  {Pascal}  and  {Fortran}  are  under  development. 
  GNU  C  is  a  superset  of  {K&R  C}  and  {ANSI  C}.  The  extensions 
  include  compound  statement  within  an  expression,  pointers  to 
  labels,  local  labels,  nested  functions,  {typeof}  operator, 
  compound  and  conditional  expressions  and  casts  allowed  as 
  lvalues,  long  long  ints,  {array}s  of  variable  length,  {macro}s 
  with  variable  number  of  arguments,  nonconstant  initialisers 
  constructor  expressions,  labelled  elements  in  initialisers 
  case  ranges,  variable  attributes,  {global  register  variable}s. 
  Version:  2.5.7.  Distributed  under  {GNU}  {General  Public 
  License}.  Ported  to  {3b1},  {AMD  29k},  {AIX385},  {DEC  Alpha}, 
  {Altos3068},  {Amix},  {ARM},  {Convex},  {CRDS},  {Elxsi}, 
  {FX2800},  {FX80},  {Genix},  {HP320},  {Clipper},  {Intel  80386}  - 
  {MS-DOS},  {ISC},  {SCO},  {SysV.3},  {SysV.4},  {Mach},  {BSD}, 
  {Linux},  {MS  Windows},  {OS/2}  -  {Iris},  {i860},  {i960}, 
  {Irix4},  {68000},  {Motorola  m88k}  {SvsV.3},  {MIPS}-news, 
  {mot3300},  {NeXT},  {NS32K},  {NWS3250}-v.4,  {HP-PA},  {PC532}, 
  {Plexus},  {Pyramid},  {ROMP},  {RS/6000},  {SPARC}-{SunOs}, 
  {SPARC}-{Solaris2},  {SPARC}-{SysV}.4,  {SPUR},  {Sun386}, 
  {Tahoe},  {TOW},  {Umpis},  {VAX}-{VMS},  {VAX}-{BSD},  {WE32K}, 
  {Hitachi}-{SH},  {Hitachi}-{8300}. 
  {dsp56k-gcc}  is  {Motorola}'s  port  to  the  {Motorola} 
  {FTP}  gcc-2.X.X.tar.gz  from  your  nearest  {GNU  archive  site}. 
  {MS-DOS  (}.  Mailing 
  list:  E-mail:  gnu.gcc.bug  (bug  reports), 
  gnu.gcc.announce  (announcements). 
  ["Using  and  Porting  GNU  CC",  R.M.  Stallman,  1992-12-16]. 
  From  V.E.R.A.  --  Virtual  Entity  of  Relevant  Acronyms  13  March  2001  [vera]: 
  GNU  C  Compiler  (GNU)