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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  (composed  of  the  names  of  two  Syrian  idols),  the  name  of  a  place 
  in  the  valley  of  Megiddo.  It  is  alluded  to  by  the  prophet 
  Zechariah  (12:11)  in  a  proverbial  expression  derived  from  the 
  lamentation  for  Josiah,  who  was  mortally  wounded  near  this  place 
  (2  Chr.  35:22-25).  It  has  been  identified  with  the  modern 
  Rummaneh  a  village  "at  the  foot  of  the  Megiddo  hills,  in  a 
  notch  or  valley  about  an  hour  and  a  half  south  of  Tell 
  From  Hitchcock's  Bible  Names  Dictionary  (late  1800's)  [hitchcock]: 
  Hadadrimmon,  invocation  to  the  god  Rimmon