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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Halberd  \Hal"berd\  (h[o^]l"b[~e]rd;  277),  n.  [F.  hallebarde  of 
  German  origin;  cf  MHG.  helmbarte  G.  hellebarte  prob. 
  orig.,  an  ax  to  split  a  helmet,  fr  G.  barte  a  broad  ax 
  (orig.  from  the  same  source  as  E.  beard;  cf  Icel.  bar[eth]a, 
  a  kind  of  ax  skegg  beard,  skeggja  a  kind  of  halberd)  +  helm 
  helmet;  but  cf  also  MHG.  helm,  halm,  handle,  and  E.  helve. 
  See  {Beard},  {Helmet}.]  (Mil.) 
  An  ancient  long-handled  weapon,  of  which  the  head  had  a  point 
  and  several  long,  sharp  edges,  curved  or  straight,  and 
  sometimes  additional  points.  The  heads  were  sometimes  of  very 
  elaborate  form  [Written  also  {halbert}.]