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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  (Matt.  14:3-11;  Mark  6:17-28;  Luke  3:19),  the  daughter  of 
  Aristobulus  and  Bernice.  While  residing  at  Rome  with  her  husband 
  Herod  Philip  I.  and  her  daughter,  Herod  Antipas  fell  in  with  her 
  during  one  of  his  journeys  to  that  city.  She  consented  to  leave 
  her  husband  and  become  his  wife.  Some  time  after  Herod  met  John 
  the  Baptist,  who  boldly  declared  the  marriage  to  be  unlawful. 
  For  this  he  was  "cast  into  prison,"  in  the  castle  probably  of 
  Machaerus  (q.v.),  and  was  there  subsequently  beheaded.