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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  pugilist  or  client,  one  of  the  two  sons  of  Eli,  the  high  priest 
  (1  Sam.  1:3;  2:34),  who  because  he  was  "very  old,"  resigned  to 
  them  the  active  duties  of  his  office.  By  their  scandalous 
  conduct  they  brought  down  a  curse  on  their  father's  house  (2:22, 
  12-27,  27-36;  3:11-14).  For  their  wickedness  they  were  called 
  "sons  of  Belial,"  i.e.,  worthless  men  (2:12).  They  both  perished 
  in  the  disastrous  battle  with  the  Philistines  at  Aphek  (4:11). 
  (See  {PHINEHAS}.)