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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Hyperbolic  \Hy`per*bol"ic\,  Hyperbolical  \Hy`per*bol"ic*al\,  a. 
  [L.  hyperbolicus  Gr  ?:  cf  F.  hyperbolique.] 
  1.  (Math.)  Belonging  to  the  hyperbola;  having  the  nature  of 
  the  hyperbola. 
  2.  (Rhet.)  Relating  to  containing,  or  of  the  nature  of 
  hyperbole;  exaggerating  or  diminishing  beyond  the  fact 
  exceeding  the  truth;  as  an  hyperbolical  expression. 
  ``This  hyperbolical  epitaph.''  --Fuller. 
  {Hyperbolic  functions}  (Math.),  certain  functions  which  have 
  relations  to  the  hyperbola  corresponding  to  those  which 
  sines,  cosines,  tangents,  etc.,  have  to  the  circle;  and 
  hence  called  {hyperbolic  sines},  {hyperbolic  cosines}, 
  {Hyperbolic  logarithm}.  See  {Logarithm}. 
  {Hyperbolic  spiral}  (Math.),  a  spiral  curve,  the  law  of  which 
  is  that  the  distance  from  the  pole  to  the  generating 
  point  varies  inversely  as  the  angle  swept  over  by  the 
  radius  vector.