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  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
  A  data  structure  holding  information  about  files  in  a  {Unix} 
  {file  system}.  There  is  an  inode  for  each  file  and  a  file 
  is  uniquely  identified  by  the  file  system  on  which  it 
  resides  and  its  inode  number  on  that  system.  Each  inode 
  contains  the  following  information:  the  device  where  the  inode 
  resides,  locking  information,  mode  and  type  of  file,  the 
  number  of  links  to  the  file,  the  owner's  user  and  group  ids, 
  the  number  of  bytes  in  the  file,  access  and  modification 
  times,  the  time  the  inode  itself  was  last  modified  and  the 
  addresses  of  the  file's  blocks  on  disk.  A  {Unix}  directory  is 
  an  association  between  file  leafnames  and  inode  numbers.  A 
  file's  inode  number  can  be  found  using  the  "-i"  switch  to  ls 
  {Unix  manual  page}:  fs(5). 
  See  also  /usr/include/ufs/inode.h.