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  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
  A  dialect  of  Lisp  developed  in  1967  by  Bolt,  Beranek  and 
  Newman  (Cambridge,  MA)  as  a  descendant  of  {BBN-Lisp}.  It 
  emphasises  user  interfaces.  It  is  currently  supported  by 
  {Xerox  PARC}. 
  Interlisp  was  once  one  of  two  main  branches  of  LISP  (the  other 
  being  {MACLISP}).  In  1981  {Common  LISP}  was  begun  in  an 
  effort  to  combine  the  best  features  of  both  Interlisp 
  includes  a  Lisp  programming  environment.  It  is  {dynamically 
  scoped}.  NLAMBDA  functions  do  not  evaluate  their  arguments. 
  Any  function  could  be  called  with  optional  arguments. 
  See  also  {CLISP},  {Interlisp-10},  {Interlisp-D}. 
  ["Interlisp  Programming  Manual",  W.  Teitelman  TR  Xerox  Rec 
  Ctr  1975].