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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Ipecacuanha  \Ip`e*cac`u*an"ha\,  n.  [Pg.  ipecacuanha  (cf.  Sp 
  ipecacuana);  fr  Braz.  ipe-kaa-guena,  prop.,  a  creeping  plant 
  that  causes  vomiting.]  (Med.  &  Bot.) 
  The  root  of  a  Brazilian  rubiaceous  herb  ({Cepha["e]lis 
  Ipecacuanha}),  largely  employed  as  an  emetic;  also  the  plant 
  itself  also  a  medicinal  extract  of  the  root.  Many  other 
  plants  are  used  as  a  substitutes;  among  them  are  the  black  or 
  Peruvian  ipecac  ({Psychotria  emetica}),  the  white  ipecac 
  ({Ionidium  Ipecacuanha}),  the  bastard  or  wild  ipecac 
  ({Asclepias  Curassavica}),  and  the  undulated  ipecac 
  ({Richardsonia  scabra}).