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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  he  (God)  helps,  a  city  of  the  Amorites  on  the  east  of  Jordan, 
  and  assigned,  with  neighbouring  places  in  Gilead,  to  Gad  (Num. 
  32:1,  35;  Josh.  13:25).  It  was  allotted  to  the  Merarite  Levites 
  (21:39).  In  David's  time  it  was  occupied  by  the  Hebronites 
  i.e.,  the  descendants  of  Kohath  (1  Chr.  26:31).  It  is  mentioned 
  in  the  burdens"  proclaimed  over  Moab  (Isa.  16:8,  9;  Jer. 
  48:32).  Its  site  is  marked  by  the  modern  ruin  called  Sar  or 
  Seir,  about  10  miles  west  of  Amman,  and  12  from  Heshbon.  "The 
  vineyards  that  once  covered  the  hill-sides  are  gone;  and  the 
  wild  Bedawin  from  the  eastern  desert  make  cultivation  of  any 
  kind  impossible."