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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  a  ruler  of  the  synagogue  at  Capernaum,  whose  only  daughter  Jesus 
  restored  to  life  (Mark  5:22;  Luke  8:41).  Entering  into  the 
  chamber  of  death,  accompanied  by  Peter  and  James  and  John  and 
  the  father  and  mother  of  the  maiden,  he  went  forward  to  the  bed 
  whereon  the  corpse  lay,  and  said  Talitha  cumi,  i.e.,  "Maid, 
  arise,"  and  immediately  the  spirit  of  the  maiden  came  to  her 
  again  and  she  arose  straightway;  and  "at  once  to  strengthen 
  that  life  which  had  come  back  to  her  and  to  prove  that  she  was 
  indeed  no  ghost,  but  had  returned  to  the  realities  of  a  mortal 
  existence,  he  commanded  to  give  her  something  to  eat"  (Mark