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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  the  name  of  the  original  inhabitants  of  Jebus,  mentioned 
  frequently  among  the  seven  nations  doomed  to  destruction  (Gen. 
  10:16;  15:21;  Ex  3:8,  17;  13:5,  etc.).  At  the  time  of  the 
  arrival  of  the  Israelites  in  Palestine  they  were  ruled  by 
  Adonizedek  (Josh.  10:1,  23).  They  were  defeated  by  Joshua,  and 
  their  king  was  slain;  but  they  were  not  entirely  driven  out  of 
  Jebus  till  the  time  of  David,  who  made  it  the  capital  of  his 
  kingdom  instead  of  Hebron.  The  site  on  which  the  temple  was 
  afterwards  built  belonged  to  Araunah,  a  Jebusite,  from  whom  it 
  was  purchased  by  David,  who  refused  to  accept  it  as  a  free  gift 
  (2  Sam.  24:16-25;  1  Chr.  21:24,  25).