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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  God's  living  one  (1.)  The  father  of  Gibeon  (1  Chr.  9:35). 
  (2.)  One  of  David's  guard  (1  Chr.  11:44). 
  (3.)  One  of  the  Levites  "of  the  second  degree,"  appointed  to 
  conduct  the  music  on  the  occasion  of  the  ark's  being  removed  to 
  Jerusalem  (1  Chr.  15:18,  20). 
  (4.)  A  Hachmonite,  a  tutor  in  the  family  of  David  toward  the 
  close  of  his  reign  (1  Chr.  27:32). 
  (5.)  The  second  of  Jehoshaphat's  six  sons  (2  Chr.  21:2). 
  (6.)  One  of  the  Levites  of  the  family  of  Heman  who  assisted 
  Hezekiah  in  his  work  of  reformation  (2  Chr.  29:14). 
  (7.)  A  prince"  and  "ruler  of  the  house  of  God"  who 
  contributed  liberally  to  the  renewal  of  the  temple  sacrifices 
  under  Josiah  (2  Chr.  35:8). 
  (8.)  The  father  of  Obadiah  (Ezra  8:9). 
  (9.)  One  of  the  sons"  of  Elam  (Ezra  10:26). 
  (10.)  Ezra  10:21.