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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  snatched  away  by  God.  (1.)  A  descendant  of  Benjamin  (1  Chr. 
  9:35;  8:29). 
  (2.)  One  of  the  Levites  who  took  part  in  praising  God  on  the 
  removal  of  the  ark  to  Jerusalem  (1  Chr.  16:5). 
  (3.)  2  Chr.  29:13.  A  Levite  of  the  sons  of  Asaph. 
  (4.)  2  Chr.  26:11.  A  scribe. 
  (5.)  1  Chr.  5:7.  A  Reubenite  chief. 
  (6.)  One  of  the  chief  Levites  who  made  an  offering  for  the 
  restoration  of  the  Passover  by  Josiah  (2  Chr.  35:9). 
  (7.)  Ezra  8:13. 
  (8.)  Ezra  10:43.