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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  God  scatters.  (1.)  A  town  of  Issachar  (Josh.  19:18),  where  the 
  kings  of  Israel  often  resided  (1  Kings  18:45;  21:1;  2  Kings 
  9:30).  Here  Elijah  met  Ahab,  Jehu,  and  Bidkar;  and  here  Jehu 
  executed  his  dreadful  commission  against  the  house  of  Ahab  (2 
  Kings  9:14-37;  10:1-11).  It  has  been  identified  with  the  modern 
  Zerin,  on  the  most  western  point  of  the  range  of  Gilboa, 
  reaching  down  into  the  great  and  fertile  valley  of  Jezreel,  to 
  which  it  gave  its  name 
  (2.)  A  town  in  Judah  (Josh.  15:56),  to  the  south-east  of 
  Hebron.  Ahinoam,  one  of  David's  wives,  probably  belonged  to  this 
  place  (1  Sam.  27:3). 
  (3.)  A  symbolical  name  given  by  Hosea  to  his  oldest  son  (Hos. 
  1:4),  in  token  of  a  great  slaughter  predicted  by  him  like  that 
  which  had  formerly  taken  place  in  the  plain  of  Esdraelon  (comp. 
  Hos.  1:4,  5).