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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  Jehovah  is  perfect.  (1.)  The  youngest  of  Gideon's  seventy  sons. 
  He  escaped  when  the  rest  were  put  to  death  by  the  order  of 
  Abimelech  (Judg.  9:5).  When  "the  citizens  of  Shechem  and  the 
  whole  house  of  Millo"  were  gathered  together  "by  the  plain  of 
  the  pillar"  (i.e.,  the  stone  set  up  by  Joshua,  24:26;  comp.  Gen. 
  35:4)  "that  was  in  Shechem,  to  make  Abimelech  king,"  from  one  of 
  the  heights  of  Mount  Gerizim  he  protested  against  their  doing  so 
  in  the  earliest  parable,  that  of  the  bramble-king.  His  words 
  then  spoken  were  prophetic.  There  came  a  recoil  in  the  feelings 
  of  the  people  toward  Abimelech,  and  then  a  terrible  revenge,  in 
  which  many  were  slain  and  the  city  of  Shechem  was  destroyed  by 
  Abimelech  (Judg.  9:45).  Having  delivered  his  warning,  Jotham 
  fled  to  Beer  from  the  vengeance  of  Abimelech  (9:7-21). 
  (2.)  The  son  and  successor  of  Uzziah  on  the  throne  of  Judah. 
  As  during  his  last  years  Uzziah  was  excluded  from  public  life  on 
  account  of  his  leprosy,  his  son,  then  twenty-five  years  of  age, 
  administered  for  seven  years  the  affairs  of  the  kingdom  in  his 
  father's  stead  (2  Chr.  26:21,  23;  27:1).  After  his  father's 
  death  he  became  sole  monarch,  and  reigned  for  sixteen  years 
  (B.C.  759-743).  He  ruled  in  the  fear  of  God,  and  his  reign  was 
  prosperous.  He  was  contemporary  with  the  prophets  Isaiah,  Hosea, 
  and  Micah,  by  whose  ministrations  he  profited.  He  was  buried  in 
  the  sepulchre  of  the  kings,  greatly  lamented  by  the  people  (2 
  Kings  15:38;  2  Chr.  27:7-9). 
  From  Hitchcock's  Bible  Names  Dictionary  (late  1800's)  [hitchcock]: 
  Jotham,  the  perfection  of  the  Lord