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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  citadel,  a  city  in  the  lowlands  of  Judah  (Josh.  15:44).  David 
  rescued  it  from  the  attack  of  the  Philistines  (1  Sam.  23:1-8); 
  but  the  inhabitants  proving  unfaithful  to  him  in  that  they 
  sought  to  deliver  him  up  to  Saul  (13),  he  and  his  men  "departed 
  from  Keilah,  and  went  whithersoever  they  could  go."  They  fled  to 
  the  hill  Hareth,  about  3  miles  to  the  east,  and  thence  through 
  Hebron  to  Ziph  (q.v.).  "And  David  was  in  the  wilderness  of  Ziph, 
  in  a  wood"  (1  Sam.  23:15).  Here  Jonathan  sought  him  out  "and 
  strengthened  his  hand  in  God."  This  was  the  last  interview 
  between  David  and  Jonathan  (23:16-18).  It  is  the  modern  Khurbet 
  Kila.  Others  identify  it  with  Khuweilfeh  between  Beit  Jibrin 
  Eleutheropolis  and  Beersheba,  mentioned  in  the  Amarna  tablets.