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lawrenciummore about lawrencium


  2  definitions  found 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  :  a  radioactive  transuranic  element  synthesized  from 
  californium  [syn:  {Lw},  {atomic  number  103}] 
  From  Elements  database  20001107  [elements]: 
  Symbol:  Lr 
  Atomic  number:  103 
  Atomic  weight:  (262) 
  Appearance  unknown,  however  it  is  most  likely  silvery-white  or  grey 
  and  metallic.  Lawrencium  is  a  synthetic  rare-earth  metal.  There  are 
  eight  known  radioisotopes,  the  most  stable  being  Lr-262  with  a  half-life 
  of  3.6  hours.  Due  to  the  short  half-life  of  lawrencium,  and  its 
  radioactivity,  there  are  no  known  uses  for  it  Identified  by  Albert  Ghiorso 
  in  1961  at  Berkeley.  It  was  produced  by  bombarding  californium  with  boron 
  ions.  The  name  is  temporary  {IUPAC}  nomenclature,  the  origin  of  the  name 
  comes  from  Ernest  O.  Lawrence,  the  inventor  of  the  cyclotron.  If  sufficient 
  amounts  of  lawrencium  were  produced,  it  would  pose  a  radiation  hazard. 

more about lawrencium