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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Lean  \Lean\  (l[=e]n),  a.  [Compar.  {Leaner}  (l[=e]n"[~e]r); 
  superl.  {Leanest}.]  [OE.  lene,  AS  hl[=ae]ne;  prob.  akin  to 
  E.  lean  to  incline.  See  {Lean},  v.  i.  ] 
  1.  Wanting  flesh;  destitute  of  or  deficient  in  fat;  not 
  plump;  meager;  thin;  lank;  as  a  lean  body;  a  lean  cattle. 
  2.  Wanting  fullness,  richness,  sufficiency,  or 
  productiveness;  deficient  in  quality  or  contents;  slender; 
  scant;  barren;  bare;  mean  --  used  literally  and 
  figuratively;  as  the  lean  harvest;  a  lean  purse;  a  lean 
  discourse;  lean  wages.  ``No  lean  wardrobe.''  --Shak. 
  Their  lean  and  fiashy  songs.  --Milton. 
  What  the  land  is  whether  it  be  fat  or  lean.  --Num. 
  xiii.  20. 
  Out  of  my  lean  and  low  ability  I'll  lend  you 
  something  --Shak. 
  3.  (Typog.)  Of  a  character  which  prevents  the  compositor  from 
  earning  the  usual  wages;  --  opposed  to  {fat};  as  lean 
  copy,  matter,  or  type 
  Syn:  slender;  spare;  thin;  meager;  lank;  skinny;  gaunt. 

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