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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Ministerial  \Min`is*te"ri*al\,  a.  [L.  ministerialis:  cf  F. 
  minist['e]riel.  See  {Minister},  and  cf  {Minstrel}.] 
  1.  Of  or  pertaining  to  ministry  or  service;  serving; 
  Enlightening  spirits  and  ministerial  flames. 
  2.  Of  or  pertaining  to  the  office  of  a  minister  or  to  the 
  ministry  as  a  body,  whether  civil  or  sacerdotal. 
  ``Ministerial  offices.''  --Bacon.  ``A  ministerial 
  measure.''  --Junius.  ``Ministerial  garments.''  --Hooker. 
  3.  Tending  to  advance  or  promote;  contributive.  ``Ministerial 
  to  intellectual  culture.''  --De  Quincey. 
  {The  ministerial  benches},  the  benches  in  the  House  of 
  Commons  occupied  by  members  of  the  cabinet  and  their 
  supporters;  --  also  the  persons  occupying  them  ``Very 
  solid  and  very  brilliant  talents  distinguish  the 
  ministerial  benches.''  --Burke. 
  Syn:  Official;  priestly;  sacerdotal;  ecclesiastical. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  of  or  relating  to  a  minister  of  religion  or  the  minister's 
  office;  "ministerial  duties" 
  2:  of  or  relating  to  a  government  minister  or  ministry; 
  "ministerial  decree" 

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