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  1  definition  found 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  causing  irritation  or  annoyance;  "tapping  an  annoying  rhythm 
  on  his  glass  with  his  fork";  "aircraft  noise  is 
  particularly  bothersome  near  the  airport";  "found  it 
  galling  to  have  to  ask  permission";  "an  irritating 
  delay";  "nettlesome  paperwork";  "a  pesky  mosquito"; 
  "swarms  of  pestering  gnats";  "a  plaguey  newfangled 
  safety  catch";  "a  teasing  and  persistent  thought 
  annoyed  him";  "a  vexatious  child";  "it  is  vexing  to 
  have  to  admit  you  are  wrong"  [syn:  {annoying},  {bothersome}, 
  {galling},  {irritating},  {pesky},  {pestering},  {pestiferous}, 
  {plaguy},  {plaguey},  {teasing},  {vexatious},  {vexing}] 
  2:  easily  irritated  or  annoyed;  "an  incorrigibly  fractious 
  young  man";  "not  the  least  nettlesome  of  his  countrymen" 
  [syn:  {cranky},  {fractious},  {irritable},  {peevish},  {peckish}, 
  {pettish},  {petulant},  {testy},  {tetchy},  {techy}] 

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