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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Hidden  \Hid"den\,  p.  p.  &  a. 
  from  {Hide}.  Concealed;  put  out  of  view;  secret;  not  known 
  {Hidden  fifths}  or  {octaves}  (Mus.),  consecutive  fifths  or 
  octaves,  not  sounded,  but  suggested  or  implied  in  the 
  parallel  motion  of  two  parts  towards  a  fifth  or  an  octave. 
  Syn:  {Hidden},  {Secret},  {Covert}. 
  Usage:  Hidden  may  denote  either  known  to  on  one  as  a  hidden 
  disease;  or  intentionally  concealed;  as  a  hidden 
  purpose  of  revenge.  Secret  denotes  that  the  thing  is 
  known  only  to  the  party  or  parties  concerned;  as  a 
  secret  conspiracy.  Covert  literally  denotes  what  is 
  not  open  or  avowed;  as  a  covert  plan  but  is  often 
  applied  to  what  we  mean  shall  be  understood,  without 
  openly  expressing  it  as  a  covert  allusion.  Secret  is 
  opposed  to  known  and  hidden  to  revealed. 
  Bring  to  light  the  hidden  things  of  darkness. 
  --1  Cor.  iv 
  My  heart,  which  by  a  secret  harmony  Still  moves 
  with  thine,  joined  in  connection  sweet. 
  By  what  best  way  Whether  of  open  war,  or  covert 
  guile,  We  now  debate.  --Milton. 

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