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  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  including  everything  visible  in  one  view;  "a  panoptic  aerial 
  photograph  of  the  missile  base";  "a  panoptic  stain 
  used  in  microscopy"  [syn:  {panoptical}] 
  2:  broad  in  scope  or  content;  "across-the-board  pay  increases"; 
  "an  all-embracing  definition";  "blanket  sanctions  against 
  human-rights  violators";  "an  invention  with  broad 
  applications";  "a  panoptic  study  of  Soviet  nationality"- 
  T.G.Winner;  "granted  him  wide  powers"  [syn:  {across-the-board}, 
  {all-embracing},  {all-encompassing},  {all-inclusive},  {blanket(a)}, 
  {broad},  {encompassing},  {wide}] 

more about panoptic