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  3  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Piles  \Piles\,  n.  pl  [L.  pila  a  ball.  Cf  {Pill}  a  medicine.] 
  The  small  troublesome  tumors  or  swellings  about  the  anus  and 
  lower  part  of  the  rectum  which  are  technically  called 
  {hemorrhoids}.  See  {Hemorrhoids}. 
  Note:  [The  singular  {pile}  is  sometimes  used.] 
  {Blind  piles},  hemorrhoids  which  do  not  bleed. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  1:  a  collection  of  objects  laid  on  top  of  each  other  [syn:  {heap}, 
  2:  (often  followed  by  `of')  a  large  number  or  amount  or  extent: 
  "a  batch  of  letters";  "a  deal  of  trouble";  "a  lot  of 
  money";  "it  must  have  cost  plenty"  [syn:  {batch},  {deal}, 
  {flock},  {good  deal},  {great  deal},  {hatful},  {heap},  {lot}, 
  {mass},  {mess},  {mickle},  {mint},  {muckle},  {peck},  {plenty}, 
  {pot},  {quite  a  little},  {raft},  {sight},  {slew},  {spate}, 
  {stack},  {tidy  sum},  {wad},  {whole  lot},  {whole  slew}] 
  3:  informal:  a  large  sum  of  money 
  4:  pain  caused  by  venous  swelling  at  or  inside  the  anal 
  sphincter  [syn:  {hemorrhoid}] 
  5:  voltaic  cells  arranged  in  series;  the  earliest  electric 
  battery  devised  by  Volta  [syn:  {voltaic  pile},  {galvanic 
  6:  a  column  of  wood  or  steel  or  concrete  that  is  driven  into 
  the  ground  to  provide  support  for  a  structure  [syn:  {spile}, 
  {piling},  {stilt}] 
  7:  the  yarn  (as  in  a  rug  or  velvet)  that  stands  up  from  the 
  8:  a  nuclear  reactor  that  uses  controlled  nuclear  fission  to 
  generate  energy  [syn:  {atomic  pile},  {atomic  reactor},  {chain 
  v  1:  arrange  in  stacks;  "heap  firewood  around  the  fireplace"; 
  "stack  your  books  up  on  the  shelves"  [syn:  {stack},  {heap}] 
  2:  press  tightly  together  or  cram;  "The  crowd  packed  the 
  auditorium"  [syn:  {throng},  {mob},  {pack},  {jam}] 
  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
  1.  Polytechnic's  Instructional  Language  for  Educators. 
  Similar  in  use  to  an  enhanced  PILOT,  but  structurally  more 
  like  Pascal  with  Awk-like  associative  arrays  (optionally 
  stored  on  disk).  Distributed  to  about  50  sites  by  Initial 
  Teaching  Alphabet  Foundation  for  Apple  II  and  CP/M. 
  ["A  Universal  Computer  Aided  Instruction  System,"  Henry 
  G.  Dietz  &  Ronald  J  Juels  Proc  Natl  Educ  Computing  Conf  '83, 
  2.    ["PILE  _  A  Language  for  Sound  Synthesis", 
  P.  Berg,  Computer  Music  Journal  3.1,  1979]. 

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