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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Responsibility  \Re*spon`si*bil"i*ty\  (r?*sp?n`s?*b?l"?*t?),  n.; 
  pl  {-ties}  (-t?z).  [Cf.  F.  responsabilit['e].] 
  1.  The  state  of  being  responsible,  accountable,  or 
  answerable,  as  for  a  trust,  debt,  or  obligation. 
  2.  That  for  which  anyone  is  responsible  or  accountable;  as 
  the  resonsibilities  of  power. 
  3.  Ability  to  answer  in  payment;  means  of  paying. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  1:  the  social  force  that  binds  you  to  your  obligations  and  the 
  courses  of  action  demanded  by  that  force:  "we  must 
  instill  a  sense  of  duty  in  our  children";  "every  right 
  implies  a  responsibility;  every  opportunity,  an 
  obligation;  every  possession,  a  duty"-  John 
  D.Rockefeller  Jr  [syn:  {duty},  {obligation}] 
  2:  the  proper  sphere  or  extent  of  your  activities;  "it  was  his 
  province  to  take  care  of  himself"  [syn:  {province}] 
  3:  ability  or  necessity  to  answer  for  or  be  responsible  for 
  one's  conduct;  "he  holds  a  position  of  great 
  responsibility";  "young  children  on  a  farm  are  often  given 
  responsibilities"  [syn:  {responsibleness}]  [ant:  {irresponsibility}, 
  From  THE  DEVIL'S  DICTIONARY  ((C)1911  Released  April  15  1993)  [devils]: 
  RESPONSIBILITY,  n.  A  detachable  burden  easily  shifted  to  the 
  shoulders  of  God,  Fate,  Fortune,  Luck  or  one's  neighbor.  In  the  days 
  of  astrology  it  was  customary  to  unload  it  upon  a  star. 
  Alas,  things  ain't  what  we  should  see 
  If  Eve  had  let  that  apple  be 
  And  many  a  feller  which  had  ought 
  To  set  with  monarchses  of  thought, 
  Or  play  some  rosy  little  game 
  With  battle-chaps  on  fields  of  fame, 
  Is  downed  by  his  unlucky  star 
  And  hollers:  "Peanuts!  --  here  you  are!" 
  "The  Sturdy  Beggar" 

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