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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Scoff  \Scoff\,  v.  i.  [imp.  &  p.  p.  {Scoffed}  (?;  115);  p.  pr  & 
  vb  n.  {Scoffing}.]  [Cf.  Dan.  skuffe  to  deceive,  delude, 
  Icel.  skopa  to  scoff,  OD  schoppen  See  {Scoff},  n.] 
  To  show  insolent  ridicule  or  mockery;  to  manifest  contempt  by 
  derisive  acts  or  language;  --  often  with  at 
  Truth  from  his  lips  prevailed  with  double  sway,  And 
  fools  who  came  to  scoff,  remained  to  pray.  --Goldsmith. 
  God's  better  gift  they  scoff  at  and  refuse.  --Cowper. 
  Syn:  To  sneer;  mock;  gibe;  jeer.  See  {Sneer}. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  :  showing  your  contempt  by  derision  [syn:  {jeer},  {jeering},  {mockery}, 

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