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  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  marked  by  high  spirits  or  excitement;  "his  fertile 
  effervescent  mind";  "scintillating  personality"; 
  "sparkling  conversation";  "a  row  of  sparkly 
  cheerleaders"  [syn:  {bubbling},  {effervescent},  {scintillating}, 
  2:  having  brief  brilliant  points  or  flashes  of  light;  "bugle 
  beads  all  aglitter";  "glinting  eyes";  "glinting  water"; 
  "his  glittering  eyes  were  cold  and  malevolent";  "shop 
  window  full  of  glittering  Christmas  trees";  "glittery 
  costume  jewelry";  "scintillant  mica";  "the  scintillating 
  stars";  "a  dress  with  sparkly  sequins";  "`glistering'  is 
  an  archaic  term"  [syn:  {aglitter(p)},  {fulgid},  {glinting}, 
  {glistering},  {glittering},  {glittery},  {scintillant},  {scintillating}, 

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