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  4  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Stun  \Stun\,  v.  t.  [imp.  &  p.  p.  {Stunned};  p.  pr  &  vb  n. 
  {Stunning}.]  [OE.  stonien,  stownien  either  fr  AS  stunian 
  to  resound  (cf.  D.  stenen  to  groan,  G.  st["o]hnen,  Icel. 
  stynja  Gr  ?,  Skr.  stan  to  thunder,  and  E.  thunder),  or  from 
  the  same  source  as  E.  astonish.  [root]168.] 
  1.  To  make  senseless  or  dizzy  by  violence;  to  render 
  senseless  by  a  blow,  as  on  the  head. 
  One  hung  a  poleax  at  his  saddlebow,  And  one  a  heavy 
  mace  to  stun  the  foe.  --Dryden. 
  2.  To  dull  or  deaden  the  sensibility  of  to  overcome; 
  especially,  to  overpower  one's  sense  of  hearing. 
  And  stunned  him  with  the  music  of  the  spheres. 
  3.  To  astonish;  to  overpower;  to  bewilder. 
  William  was  quite  stunned  at  my  discourse.  --De  Foe. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Stunning  \Stun"ning\,  a. 
  1.  Overpowering  consciousness;  overpowering  the  senses 
  especially,  overpowering  the  sense  of  hearing;  confounding 
  with  noise. 
  2.  Striking  or  overpowering  with  astonishment,  especially  on 
  account  of  excellence;  as  stunning  poetry.  [Slang]  --C. 
  Kingsley.  --  {Stun"ning*ly},  adv  [Slang] 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  commanding  attention;  "an  arresting  drawing  of  people 
  turning  into  animals";  "a  sensational  concert--one 
  never  to  be  forgotten";  "a  stunning  performance"  [syn: 
  {arresting},  {sensational}] 
  2:  causing  great  astonishment  and  consternation;  "the  strike 
  came  as  a  stunning  protest  against  management";  "a 
  stunning  defeat" 
  3:  causing  or  capable  of  causing  bewilderment  or  shock  or 
  insensibility;  "laid  the  poor  fellow  senseless  with  one 
  stunning  blow";  "a  stunning  detonation  with  volumes  of 
  black  smoke" 
  4:  strikingly  beautiful  or  attractive;  "quite  stunning  with 
  large  dark  eyes  and  a  beautiful  high-bosomed  figure"; 
  "stunning  photographs  of  Canada's  wilderness  areas" 
  From  Jargon  File  (4.2.3,  23  NOV  2000)  [jargon]: 
  stunning  adj  Mind-bogglingly  stupid.  Usually  used  in 
  sarcasm.  "You  want  to  code  _what_  in  ADA?  That's  a  ...  stunning  idea!" 

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