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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  True  \True\,  a.  [Compar.  {Truer};  superl.  {Truest}.]  [OE.  trewe, 
  AS  tre['o]we  faithful,  true,  from  tre['o]w  fidelity,  faith, 
  troth;  akin  to  OFries  triuwe,  adj.,  treuwa  n.,  OS  triuwi 
  adj.,  trewa,  n.,  D.  trouw,  adj  &  n.,  G.  treu,  adj.,  treue, 
  n.,  OHG.  gitriuwi  adj.,  triuwa  n.,  Icel.  tryggr  adj.,  Dan. 
  tro,  adj  &  n.,  Sw  trogen,  adj.,  tro,  n.,  Goth.  triggws 
  adj.,  triggwa  n.,  trauan  to  trust,  OPruss  druwis  faith.  Cf 
  {Trow},  {Trust},  {Truth}.] 
  1.  Conformable  to  fact  in  accordance  with  the  actual  state 
  of  things  correct;  not  false,  erroneous,  inaccurate,  or 
  the  like  as  a  true  relation  or  narration;  a  true 
  history;  a  declaration  is  true  when  it  states  the  facts. 
  2.  Right  to  precision;  conformable  to  a  rule  or  pattern; 
  exact;  accurate;  as  a  true  copy;  a  true  likeness  of  the 
  Making  his  eye,  foot,  and  hand  keep  true  time.  --Sir 
  W.  Scott. 
  3.  Steady  in  adhering  to  friends,  to  promises,  to  a  prince, 
  or  the  like  unwavering;  faithful;  loyal;  not  false, 
  fickle,  or  perfidious;  as  a  true  friend;  a  wife  true  to 
  her  husband;  an  officer  true  to  his  charge. 
  Thy  so  true,  So  faithful,  love  unequaled.  --Milton. 
  Dare  to  be  true:  nothing  can  need  a  lie.  --Herbert. 
  4.  Actual;  not  counterfeit,  adulterated,  or  pretended; 
  genuine;  pure;  real;  as  true  balsam;  true  love  of 
  country;  a  true  Christian. 
  The  true  light  which  lighteth  every  man  that  cometh 
  into  the  world.  --John  i.  9. 
  True  ease  in  writing  comes  from  art,  not  chance. 
  Note:  True  is  sometimes  used  elliptically  for  It  is  true. 
  {Out  of  true},  varying  from  correct  mechanical  form 
  alignment,  adjustment,  etc.;  --  said  of  a  wall  that  is  not 
  perpendicular,  of  a  wheel  whose  circumference  is  not  in 
  the  same  plane,  and  the  like  [Colloq.] 
  {A  true  bill}  (Law),  a  bill  of  indictment  which  is  returned 
  by  the  grand  jury  so  indorsed,  signifying  that  the  charges 
  to  be  true. 
  {True  time}.  See  under  {Time}. 

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