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Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 9-7-2020

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Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-09-13
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This Week:
Moderna Patent / Astra Zeneca Trials
Netflix Gets Called Out
Rocky Mountains Freeze / West Coast Burns
Nine Eleven Anniversary

Strip One. Moderna Patent

After new information surfaced about a Moderna lipid nanoparticles patent scandal, there was also news about the Astra Zeneca trials which appears to have been delayed due to a single case with adverse symptoms of transverse myelitis in Europe. Neither story is entirely clear and not much seems to be changing yet on any large scale, by Saturday, Sep 12 the time of this writing, reports were surfacing of the Oxford University trial resuming. We will likely hear more on both of these stories (linked below) in the near future.

Strip Two. Netflix Gets Called Out

A new series release at Netflix gets called out by many people as far too exploitative of children. If you have heard any of the conversations this is a generous assessment, most of the opposing critiques consider it grotesque. I will not be watching it.

With 90% rating of the 30 "professional" critique reviews opposing the 5% rating of 423 public audience reviews it was not looking good last week for public opinion. Frankly I fail to see this as a primarily alt-right issue as some in media would try to depict, many walks of society are appalled.

Luke @ WeAreChange Reports

Strip Three. Rocky Mountains Freeze / West Coast Burns

The jet stream decided to take a trip to The Gulf of Mexico last week making it to Colorado by Monday night, it had fire fighters in the Rockies relieved and gardeners frustrated. California and Oregon folks are still fighting massive fires and breathing smoke filled air wishing some moisture had hit the West Coast.

Diamond at Oppenheimer Ranch Project reports on the storm and fires Monday, with a followup on Tuesday.

Strip Four. Nine Eleven Anniversary

Eighteen years after the twin towers fell with more than 1/2 of the country questioning the official story and no sign of the compliant public officials changing their tune of denial. Let us take this as a measure of how much integrity the politicians in DC have and how much they intend on being honest. Regime change wars and the 9/11 commission report are high among my measures of integrity in Federal Government.

New Annual Corbett Report 9/11 Release

Xtra: Suspicions0bservers did a fun satire video this week