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Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 10-5-2020

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Published: 2020-10-11
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This Week:
Michigan Supreme Court Ruling
NYC Jewish Community Protest
Mothers of CRISPR science
Etymology - Logos

Strip One. Michigan Supreme Court Ruling

In Michigan on Monday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer asked the State Supreme Court to clarify an opinion nullifying coronavirus restrictions, attempting to delay the effective date of the ruling until October 30th. The ruling takes effect immediately revoking the emergency orders, so it appears futile legally. Though there may still be some slight of hand tricks at the State level. At least one County is implementing new rules to continue some of the edicts, the key lawyer Katherine Henry announced tentative plans to challenge these Counties.

Whitmer had already been getting lots of pressure from the nursing home policy implemented. Towards the end of the week Whitmer and company were seen scrambling to validate their previous overreachings with a bundle of regulation to try passing in the near future.

Todd Spangler reports - Detroit Free Press

Lauren Gibbon reports -

Strip Two. NYC Jewish Community Protest

This week some of the Jewish community in New York City protested about the extended lockdown edict. Many community leaders and folks came out for a peaceful protest and there is at least one large lawsuit on the burner.

The four videos below do a good job of reporting on the issue so I will leave the details to them. This is an interesting development worth watching as it progresses.

Daily Caller

New York Post

TRT World (about the lawsuit)

Luke @ WeAreChange

Strip Three. Mothers of CRISPR science

Seems relevant to the times this news of a Nobel Prize in germline genome editing with CRISPR tech. New advancements are being made and promoted rapidly now. The article posted below is a main stream report, though well done with some good information once you are aware of the narrow bias. The article leans heavily into the arm wrestling match over the prize award and the patent controversy while quickly glazing over the vast significance of scientific developments being made in the field of bacterial immune system genome editing, not all are eager to jump head first into the unclear waters, there is obviously much more to this story, the article linked below is a limited hang out, reading between the lines is recommended.

"But such “germline genome editing” could be carried out for characteristics that have nothing to do with disease. Doudna was so concerned about the possibility of using CRISPR to create “designer babies” that she led efforts to get experts to come to grip with that prospect — though she now says she supports germline editing for therapeutic purposes. A 2017 report from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences concluded that there are no ethical or scientific reasons to bar such germline editing for therapeutic purposes, but not for “enhancement.”"

"CRISPR has more mothers and fathers than Doudna and Charpentier, who have won a slew of predictive prizes for their work turning a bacterial immune system into a DNA editor. For example, Virginijus Šikšnys of Vilnius University shared the 2018 $1 million Kavli Prize in nanoscience for his CRISPR work. And Zhang of the Broad is more widely cited than the above three, another measure of impact."

Article at

Reported on #newworldnextweek by the James' at video time 12:50

Strip Four. Etymology - Logos

Communication has seemed more difficult this year as fear and misinformation has taken its toll on the effectiveness of speech. Though in some situations people are communicating easier and expanding these abilities many have digressed in the most basic of communication skills due to various forms of xenophobia, often mixed with fear.

Maybe going back to basics is the key. The song by Hugo linked below is a great entertaining breakdown of etymology and logos well worth watching. A solid comprehension of both of these words and how much a part of every day life they are is useful along side of pushing your xenophobia away it can help communication by peeps and sounds.

Hugo the Poet does an excellent song breakdown on Etymology and Logos

Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown etymology logos

Xtra. National Debt Reaches 27 trillion
This week the debt officially reached 27 trillion as the oligarchs breeze into the 21st century with a boon.