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Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 10-12-2020

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Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-18
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This Week:
Through the Taurids
Pundit Rock
Ukrainegate Doc Dump
Societal Exclusion

Strip One. Through the Taurids

While many of us think of Halloween as a fun holiday with costumes and candy, as a time for stories of witches and brews, as a time for a Mall Crawl or showing off zombie pumpkin art. Ever since the onset of knowledge in catastrophism and ancient myth Halloween means Taurids to me. The second yearly passing of Earth through the Taurids meteor stream.

Thankfully this venture down the path of comets, meteors and mythical scraps from time past has left me no less amused by the modern spooky themes of the holiday because they are part of the mythology. Except for plastic and junk food, scrap those. The first two links below are of the limited hangout variety, though with some good information. Check out the videos by Randal Carlson for more in depth information on the astronomy and mythology.

Taurids rundown

Article from

Randall Carlson videos (rabbit hole)

Strip Two. Pundit Rock

Punk rock or pundit rock, the question some are asking after seeing many favorite rock stars pushing politics lately.

The video linked below covers some of the rock star drama with a great rant as well as a couple other good stories on wealth consolidation and the Michigan militia bust. If you don't watch New World Next Week with the James' linked below. I recommend their informative weekly rundown.

New World Next Week

Strip Three. Ukrainegate Doc Dump

This week delivered, being a prime window for an October surprise there was a timely document dump, apparently from a discarded laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden. Since the document dump, political acrobats and partisan pundits started their contortionist acts and routines as expected with a trespassing, some would say treasonous helping of censorship from big tech corporations on the side.

Seeing Gulliani's wrench in the works does not instill confidence in the motive, though it looks like the facts revealed have some merit. Ignoring inconvenient facts gives nobody credibility, unless you believe that the rest of the People of the World don't see them, it can happen, you can hide facts from everyone for a while, these days with corruption worn on the sleeves of most Politicians it is not getting past the real Journalists of the World.

Chalk this one up as "no heroes in this story" and "bloody three ring circus". As a final thought, I wonder if anyone remembers the Ukrainians, some of us were paying attention to news cycles back when a lot of these recent revelations were happening, there was a government in transition and fighting in the streets. No matter the source some light on the corruption looks like a good thing.

Luke @ WeAreChange reports

Strip Four. Societal Exclusion

Excluding miscreants is a favorite pastime of tyrants as far as our history can remember. From my view there is another of these plots afoot. An attempt to get all the ducks in their billions of rows, quacking appropriately, waddling right. Though waddle away some of them might.

In this case it is the mostly unelected public health officials creating/implementing entry barriers to the same society where we all have an inalienable right of way. This can only lead to new social exclusion groups and coercion of many that yield to apathy so that they can return to "society". Some of us may not want to return if we are heading to any resemblance of the consumerism wasteland we had, or worse an evolution of such waste and harm.

Are those that reject the globalist plan expected to never travel and be generally excluded from large parts of society, what about small events, are all events of any size in the future to be approved by the State and public health.

"4. Barriers to entry: At many places and in many spheres, people excluded are debarred from entry. Barriers to entry involving the state are mostly related to documentation requirements. Other than documents, transition costs is another way to put hurdle in the entry of the excluded. Transition costs are the costs that are involved in acquiring a good service above and beyond its actual price."

Article on Social Exclusion

WEF globalist plan

Article from BBC Travel immunity passports (Aug 31st)

Xtra. Boulder on fire, Greely Elders Care
Boulder County is burning again, people are reporting lots of smoke and posting photos of encroaching fires.

Greeley, residents at a long-term care facility speak out

Washington DC, the white coat front line doctors made another appearance in front of the Supreme Court to call bullshit.

Let me know of any interesting stories you think are worth covering in the future.