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Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 10-19-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-25
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This Week:
Censorship on the Rise
Mandate Madness
Track and Trace the Masses
Code Dark Winter Activate

Strip One. Censorship on the Rise

This weeks corporate competition purge qualified as the largest censorship operation of note in my life. Yet still only a small portion of the population appears to notice it or care. Maybe par for the course, because censorship has a inherent motive of hiding things and a standard side effect of people not knowing about what is censored because it was hidden.

In 2012 congress passed H.R.5736 - Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which essentially made propaganda legal for authoritative news outlets, the quality of service and integrity has been in steep decline ever since. It appears that many in society are oblivious to this issue and still consider these sources authoritative even as they digress to the propagandist status of outlets like Radio Free Europe.

In 2020 with huge corporate interests running the USA and controlling National politics while owning most news outlets it has never been more apparent, though the logical fallacy of appeal to emotion of fear has taken over the sanity of logical assessment for much of the population. Many previously intelligent people have been pushing corporate fear narratives like they are factual news without discernment and giving into said fear beyond any apparent logic.

Meanwhile vast groups of valid scholars, experts and laymen are being severed from the conversation like lepers. On the bright side the underground is booming with a large influx of new curiosity.

H.R.5736 - Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012

Strip Two. Mandate Madness

When the madness sets in it is is different for everyone, causes vary, the more disciplined you are the longer you can maintain composure, only a handful can make it though with a semblance of what was, some can make due or even thrive with what is. Though very few realize the reality that many of the tactics, equipment and policy being rolled out are comparable to torture programs, prison life and cattle management. Even less realize that most of the proposed and partially implemented roll out has no reverse only forward.

A simple comparison with prisons and stock yards reveals alarming comparisons, the contact tracing tech was used on cattle before this attempt to roll it out on society. The bracelets now being promoted are quite similar to ankle bracelets. But don't worry Big Brother is looking out for you. Don't mind the writing on the wall or the shadow on the horizon. Don't dream of going back, that ship has sailed. We are finding out just how much torture our society can stand like it or not, whether you believe it or not, it is hard for me to imagine that people don't at least feel it.

Last I checked none of this is lawful or even legal, not that the rulers care about any of that, many even appear to like the new arrangement of rolling emergency powers override, pesky checks and balances, they never liked them anyway.

Newly adjusted Colorado Edicts

Strip Three. Track and Trace the Masses

As all of the track and trace tactics and protocols start coming into the view of more walks of society what was recently called conspiracy theory is again becoming the main street reality. Who knew, well, quite a few of us did, the details have been circulating all over the place for many months in tech startups, sales departments and a wide variety of other places.

In general people will have little option to not be tracked and traced in the near future, it has already been happening to some degree. What we are living through is the real life attempt at normalization of tracking all members of society. A few parts of the world may opt out, though if the god complex wannabe overlords have their way everyone will be a dot on their satellite driven surveillance network so that they can play with AI simulations and route humanity down the one true path.

No Links needed for this one, it will be all over your corporate marketing, probably already has been and likely will be indefinitely.

Strip Four. Code Dark Winter Activate

It seems like a long time ago, it was April 1st when I first started hearing about it, yet the back story and implications are no joke. Whispers in low places laced the underground, speculations and gossip strewn about, then just like that it came out of the former vice presidents mouth. Dark Winter, though the president did not agree as he uttered the coded laced words back, in feigned dismay some may say.

It is the stuff of spy thrillers, of mk-ultra sci-fi themes, the stuff of conspiracy theorists bad dreams. What does it mean. I really don't know what it means, only that it is entertaining and that much of the breadcrumb trail exists. There was a notable exercise in plague warfare by the name, there has been a recurring tending of the theme in pop culture. It could be coincidence though with a population freshly trained, a plague alert in the works and both selected candidates speaking the words as we move into Autumn. Well, just say I am not writing this one off, and what is the harm in having some extra supplies around and actually knowing what kind of mask will save you and what won't if a more deadly plague did hit, staying home might actually be the better course.

File this under rabbit hole, even skeptics may enjoy it if only for the entertainment of spooky sci-fi or comedy. There was a minor storm of internet chatter after people heard it in the presidential debate.

Whitney Webb on TLAV (Apr 1)
About the Original Exercise in 2001
The James' Covered this on May 15th

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