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Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 10-26-2020

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Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-26
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This Week:
Social Media Segregation
World Protests/Riots Continue
Exodus of Greenwald
Escaping the Faketricks

Strip One. Social Media Segregation

This year stands out as a year that has highlighted and enhanced segregation beyond any words I can use here to describe it. Most probably know what I mean from their own life experiences. The fences of division have been raised at an alarming rate mostly virtual fences wedging their way into formerly symbiotic affiliations, past productive co-evolutions.

This is obvious to all those that have been censored out of online hubs of information by the wide array of nefarious tactics used these days. The observable result is Internet refugees migrating to less censored regions of the information highway, any that have taken the journey know. The journey has curves (learning curves), hills (growing pains), tribal sieges (trolls, bots nets, scams, etc.), and *gasp* it has republicans, the targeted unholy scourge of the liberal social media status quo, and consequentially one of the most censored groups.

The church of republican dogma is about as interesting as the cult of democrat indoctrination to me. What first taunted me down the Internet refugee trail of smears was the banishment of journalists I like, seems many years ago, though it may be less than three. Mostly libertarian types or advocates of anarchism, not the Hollywood type of violent *anarchy* rather the old school do no harm anarchists teaching personal responsibility and self defense while mocking aspiring rulers.

This year has showcased a whole new group of banished in the proverbial refugee camps of the Internet, we have herbalists, naturalists, health care workers, doctors and an array of scientists flocking to the underground of the Internet in ongoing attempts to ring the alarm about malpractice, encroachment on medical choice and corruption of oath taken promises.

It is obvious to any that have fled which people are being banished and to most it is pretty clear by whom. From my view it is only the comfortable and compliant that do not know, accept the censorship or think they are benefiting somehow. Meanwhile the practice of censorship and hyper partisanship is destroying communities, families, partnerships, jobs, ... the list could go on, it looks terribly destructive to me.

The historic warnings about censorship are not some obsolete taboo or some witty sayings from old famous people, they are dying songs of loud and persistent canaries that no longer need coal mines, they are all over the wires crying foul into censored echo chambers or textualized tunnels to nowhere. Allowing rulers or their public/private alliance front shows to define acceptable speech is a disaster in the making. Pro censorship is pro segregation by proxy, at least that is how it is currently playing out in reality.

Strip Two. World Protests/Riots Continue

It has been weeks since I wrote about the riots and protests, not because they have stopped, many others are reporting on them and it is a tedious, dubious, depressing subject to research every week. The usual 2020 unrest appears to have picked up momentum this week, police brutality, the elections, the increased lockdown edicts, with a few other outlying themes boiling over and rumblings of post election drama. All with rebellious frogs attempting that unlikely jump into their proverbial fires. Presumably these unruly mobs are a small portion of the actual discontented amphibians in warming waters as the incentives to stay home are infused over populations like fluoridated drinks, visions of shielded armed thugs with teargas, mind numbing propaganda, financial stipends or the like.

This is a small list of links that stick out, not to understate the tenaciousness and diversity of protests and riots around the world, this list could be much larger just from the last week.

Spain footage and twitter comment thread

Traffic jam fleeing Paris before 2nd lockdown

Ruptly footage of Europe lockdown protests

Nigeria has its own brand of police brutality protests

Some BLM Protests Philly footage before the lootings

PA rolls out National Gaurd in Philly

Strip Three. Exodus of Greenwald

The world renowned journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote and published a scathing resignation letter to The Independent, the news outlet he helped found after being silenced and censored by his own news outlet. His peers even go as far as attempting to limit him from releasing his reporting through other outlets. Journalists around the world are taking notice and chiming in.

Personally I hope this brings on a trend of Greenwald reporting without oversight on some less restrictive outlets or on his own. The Independent is not what it used to be anyway. He is already on a rampage, resignation, releasing the draft, releasing email correspondence with editors. To the cringes of any hyper partisan friends I say "Bravo Glenn". Censorship is a larger issue than the repeating trap of partisan politics, I like neither. Stalling to report facts until they are politically convenient only helps the already rich corporatocracy and oligarchy to get richer.

Greenwald Resignation letter

Greenwald the proposed draft

Greenwald emails with naysaying editors

Greenwald substack page (stay tuned, likely more drama incoming)

Strip Four. Escaping the Faketricks

So many references to the Matrix movie this year, has anyone pointed out that in the movie, the "matrix" was convincing. This year is not like the Matrix movie, though there is a mostly hidden push towards transhumanism and plenty of pop culture PR on the subject. This year is much more like 1984 by Orwell. This is stage one dystopia and a globalist control attempt to take over many governments around the World via health sector bureaucracy and fear based executive orders laced with IMF funding while promising WEF utopia enforced by order following bullies and their volunteer minions.

The plan is not convincing to many of us, merely brute force control tactics backed with threat of harm or punishment mandates. Nothing to see in the rational, at least don't try to publish any of the many flaws or rather damage control dumpster fires regarding the world shutdown and reset, there is an army of censorship peddling lackeys subduing any that raise the alarms of encroaching totalitarianism leaving a wake of unemployed experts bold enough to speak up against the globalist tyranny.

What can be done with such a massive well gunned behemoth as the regulation and infrastructure roll out any people in doubt get rolled over, if they resist that is, maybe if they stay out of the way they will be OK. One can always hope anyway. If it is not the matrix and it is mostly fake tricks what can be done you may say. Well, I would say, would it not be better to know as you go down whichever path, to know the facts, to decide with all options, the ones in the box as well as those outside if it. What box? Don't ask, only you can truly know your box, only you can choose to escape it, as with I.

Xtra. RFK Jr. Message of Hope
The week started out with an inspirational "International Message of Hope for Humanity From RFK, Jr." it is quite an oration and well worth the listen.